Maria Ryan (Mia year 3)

Carole-Ann tutored my daughter Mia for maths. Mia did not enjoy maths at school, she found it difficult to focus in class and she had not grasped the basic mathematical formulas or processes.  Mia really enjoyed her lessons with Carole-Ann. Her positive, fair but firm attitude created a very positive and engaging environment for Mia to learn. Carole-Ann knew just when to challenge Mia and when she needed more support.  If Mia had not worked as well as expected in a lesson, Carole-Ann would explain to both Mia and I, what she needed to work on for the next lesson but she would never make Mia feel negative or despondent. Mia’s maths level certainly improved throughout the year and her confidence grew. Her levels of attainment improved and she was more focussed in class and most importantly she began to have more confidence in general.


K and G Shotnick (Laura year 5)

Thank you for all the help and encouragement you have given Laura in her time with you. Your help has been much appreciated and we have seen her confidence grow enormously.


J. Wright (Ellie year 6)

Thank you for all the help you gave Ellie. She was not at all fazed by the SATs which I’m sure she would have been without the extra help you gave her.


R. Francis (Emily year 3)

Carole-Ann is an astute, caring and dedicated tutor. My husband and I both felt that she had interpreted our daughter’s personality very cleverly. All her comments were constructive and encouraging. It was reassuring to know that Emily was being influenced by such a positive teacher in such a lovely atmosphere.


Vanessa (Lauren year 4)

I would like to thank you for the last two years where you have been tutoring Lauren in her maths. Lauren finds maths particularly challenging but I feel with your help she has come on in leaps and bounds. She is not as frightened of numbers and will now try her hand at various sums whereas before even the simplest of sums were alien to her.


Bailey (year 7)

When my son first came to Carole-Ann he was struggling to understand many aspects of maths. He was too embarrassed to ask his teacher for help and maths homework was a nightmare! Since having extra lessons with Carole-Ann he is now confident and very capable to get on with his maths homework unaided without a single meltdown! He has even gone up a maths group! I couldn’t be more happy with what Carole-Ann has helped him to achieve.


G and H Goddard (Emily year 6)

We would like to say thank you for supporting Emily with her learning. She has really benefitted from her 1:1 tuition. She has grown in confidence and her learning and attitude has improved so much.