Fully qualified and experienced teacher and tutor


Why consider tuition?

Parents want the best educationally for their child and in an age of testing and assessment this is now in sharp focus.

  • Your child may be struggling in a particular subject or more generally,
  • they may be lacking in the skills they need to progress,
  • they may be capable but lacking in confidence to fully access the curriculum,
  • they may need more drive or a push in the right direction or
  • maybe you are not sure why they are struggling.

The pace of learning today is fast – teachers have to move on when your child may not have fully mastered what they are learning.

In many areas pupil teacher ratio can be high so help is less available when needed.

What can I do?

  • Meet with you and your child to discuss their needs.
  • Assess what stage they are at and then plan a programme of work that reflects this and moves them forward and targets their needs.
  • Build confidence in their learning.

How will it work?

Lessons are held in my home in a comfortable and quiet dedicated teaching room.

They can be individual or with a friend if there is a similar need. This obviously helps with cost.

Lessons are one hour or 45 minutes in length.

Please contact me to discuss fees.